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TBF Chorus 2023

The members of the TBF Chorus include some of the best professional and high-level amateur singers from all over the Pacific Northwest. Dedicated to bringing a high degree of artistry to their craft, the singers are all accomplished artists who have performed with leading choral ensembles and conductors. Many are also conductors, teachers, and scholars in their own right and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to their music making.

TBF Choir Roster 2023


Laurel Barnum

Liesl Bryant

Leann Conley-Holcom

Riley Granger


Sheila Bristow

Erin Calata

Kristin Emmert

Sheri-Ann Nishiyama


Ryan Batcheller

Nate Harmon*

Fred McIlroy

Justin Raffa


Will Cooper*

Max Mendoza

Justin Birchell

Tom Walworth

*TBF/UPS Student Intern

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